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CCS vision is defined by these 4 focus pillars: 

·  Our school community is our biggest asset. We respect, value, and retain students and the highest quality staff.

·  World class, innovative pathways and spaces, will be enhanced for all students to explore passions and talents with attention to efficiency and fiscal responsibility.

·  All students will perform on grade level in reading and math by their exit from primary.

·  All students will exemplify and make rigorous progress toward the Profile of a Graduate in a safe, nurturing, student-centered environment.

National Guard Visit 2022
National Guard Visit 2022
Science Class 2022
Program Completed 2022




Dr. Sheli Wilson

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the new superintendent of Campbell County Schools, a true district of excellence. No stranger to Campbell County, I have worked for the school district for the past 19 years in a variety of roles.

We Believe… in success through accountability.

We Believe… in education through a cooperative effort by students, family, school and community.

We Believe… everyone should be challenged and valued.

We Believe… everyone has a right to a safe environment conducive to teaching and learning.

We Believe… everyone has a right to be respected and the opportunity to maintain it.